Robot can handle cancellation requests faster

E-shop contact centres are usually very busy departments. When analysing their activities, companies often find that many customer requests are repetitive, time consuming, and expensive. This was also the case with one of our customers, who operates one of the largest e-shops in the Czech and Slovak markets. The company wanted to relieve its contact centre staff of repetitive tasks while also reducing contact centre costs.
Case study was published 22.01.2021


  • Automate the processing of full and partial cancellation requests from customers,
    and thus reduce costs
  • Accelerate refunds to customers as part of cancellation request handling,
    and thus increase customer satisfaction
  • Simplify the reception and handling of cancellation requests
  • Shorten cancellation request handling time, especially in the high season
  • Reduce human error
  • Test the automation before it can be used for other contact centre services


  • Record and describe the customer ticket reception and handling process
  • Conduct an audit and produce a process map
  • Map customers’ infrastructure
  • Design a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution
  • Complete the solution design, testing, pilot operation, optimization, and roll-out


Cost saving (tens of thousands of euros) due to preventing the unnecessary transport of cancelled goods

Fewer errors in handling customer requests.

More satisfied customers due to much faster refunds and request handling, even in the high season.

Employees not being forced to do robotic work, allowing them to engage in more meaningful activities.