UK's CloudPay collaborates on application development with our team in Poland


CloudPay has several financial products in its portfolio, which they wished to develop and improve whilst also being focused on research and development of new applications. CloudPay contacted us at a time when they were looking to increase their inhouse capacity to meet the increasing demand for new features from a growing customer base and also improving processing of key data elements. As the requirements needed to be addressed very quickly, CloudPay looked for a partner that could rapidly provide a flexible source of high-quality talent. Soitron has an excellent track record of providing expertise through their Staffing as a Service capability in addition to other Managed Services. The roles were to support, develop and test custom applications to to scale the team with experts who could quickly grasp the requirements and also assimilate the CloudPay technical environment.

“We were looking for an IT partner that operates in the approximate time zone as us, has a similar culture, and not be too far away in terms of distance. Soitron was selected as an approved partner and serviced the requirement with a resourcing team based in Poland, giving intimate knowledge of the resource pool available locally. Soitron provided a dedicated resourcing service and through this were able to identify resources able to become productive as soon as possible. As the relationship grew Soitron also were able to provide resources in Technical Management and Consultancy roles to co-ordinate across separate.”
Nick Webb, Chief Marketing Officer

Project implementation process

This project was focused on delivering comprehensive software consulting services to revolutionize the technological approach for a key customer product – the IO platform. The initiative involved a strategic overhaul, transitioning the programming framework to a more contemporary industry standard using JavaScript. A key aspect of the project was the identification and resolution of existing malfunctions, bugs, and programming errors.

Key deliverables to this project included:
Technological Strategy and Implementation: Established a new technological strategy to facilitate the introduction of the innovative IO platform into the market.

Programming Stack Transition: Transitioned the programming stack to JavaScript, aligning with newer industry standards and enhancing the product’s performance and scalability.

Quality Assurance and Testing: Implemented a rigorous Quality Assurance process, utilizing sophisticated testing tools such as Selenium and Cucumber. This ensured that the software met high-quality standards, free from critical bugs and errors.

Market Release: Successfully navigated the complexities of software development to release the IO platform, marking a significant milestone in the project’s lifecycle. Our team played a key role in the process and consisted of ~17 FTE’s covering roles such as Account Delivery, SCRUM Master, Front End, Back-End Developers, DevOps, Quality Assurance & Testers that were led by Software Development Lead function also provided by Soitron.

In addition to the primary objectives, critical DevOps support was provided to CP’s R&D department. This support played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between rapid software development and operational stability. By integrating DevOps practices, the team ensured that innovation was delivered swiftly and reliably, in perfect alignment with the business objectives.

Simultaneously, the Quality Assurance team made significant contributions by automating testing scripts, streamlining the testing process, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the development cycle.

Results and benefits

faster turnaround of new or improved functions

access to high-quality, cost-effective resources from a remote location

a dedicated team enabled selection of the “right fit” resources

the Soitron Account Management team were able to address any issues arising quickly

Customer Profile

CloudPay is on a mission to modernise the pay experience and turn pay into a business advantage. Our integrated portfolio of payroll, payments and pay on-demand solutions are delivered through a single cloud-based platform that can be deployed anywhere in the world. By unifying payroll, treasury and HCM functions and leveraging the latest technology, we transform pay processes, making them fast, flexible and certain.

Technologies used

Programming languages – Java, JavaScript and Kotlin
Software for automatic application testing – Selenium
Software tool for software development – Cucumber