Kofola ``hired`` a cloud robot to do a robotic job

Kofola has had previous experience with robotic workers. They had been used, for example, by their Finance Department. However, that implementation was accompanied by various problems. That’s why the IT specialists took special care in specifying what they expected from the robot. Every Kofola employee uses dozens of systems. For Kofola IT specialists, these were routine tasks which further increased the likelihood of making errors. A reverse analysis revealed that cumulatively these activities “cost” the IT department one month of work a year. This was enough to consider investing in their automation.
Case study was published 19.08.2020


  • Increase the capacity of IT Department staff and be able to handle all requests without the need to enlarge the team by hiring additional staff.
  • Identify and unburden people from having to perform repetitive tasks that do not require any special skills.
  • Create more space and time for the IT team to perform creative work that develops the people and the company.
  • Optimize the functioning of the IT Department.


  • Identify processes suitable for automation.
  • Audit the information systems involved in the employee termination process.
  • Analyse employee termination processes: the description and ordering of steps and the creation of standardized models.
    Design a robotic process automation (RPA) solution in the cloud system.
  • Test in a simulated environment and the deployment and optimization of the solution.
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting, providing the client with a 24/7 overview of how the robot works in qualitative and quantitative terms.


The software robot saves the Kofola’s IT Department one month of routine work per year.

Minimal error rate of employee termination-related operations.

Higher IT staff satisfaction due to the robot helping them with routine work they no longer have to do themselves.

Costs reduction.