3 February 2017

How does an intelligent police car serve citizens?

Safety situation in the world today is getting more and more complicated. The authorities that protect us are equipped with face recognition systems while significant amount of our personal data is logged and all our movements are monitored. All this results in people being afraid and asking us why we actually need Intelligent Police Cars.

What is an Intelligent Police Car?

Well, firstly let us describe what an Intelligent Police Car is. To give simple and direct description, it is a police vehicle equipped with at least a video recording system, GPS, direct access to various police databases, collaboration system with the command centre and with ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system. It may of course offer many more functionalities, as system for fine or accident management, internal knowledge base, automatically generated daily reports, etc. In general, these systems should serve police officers to be more efficient; to convert their administrative work to their real work and to have less paper work and be in the field more.

How do these systems affect us, regular citizens? Read the full article here.