17 December 2020

Integration Wizards Solutions Europe and Soitron announce Strategic Partnership for the European Markets

Integration Wizards and Soitron are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to work together for the European market and create opportunities for business expansion

15 October, 2020 : Soitron and Integration Wizards Solutions have signed a partnership with a plan to expand their business footprint collectively in the European markets. The last decade has seen a tremendous growth in the Adoption of AI. Integrating AI driven solutions have become a mandatory next step for organizations to maintain their competitive edge in the market. AI adoption and agility has the potential to boost economic output thus saving time and resource costs, globally.

Integration Wizards Solutions works with global customers spread across 16 countries. IRIS is the latest offering by Integration Wizards Computer Vision technology that utilizes deep neural networks to process data from live video feeds of CCTV cameras. It is trained to identify people as well as objects like facemasks, PPE, while also monitoring the social distancing norms between people, all in real-time ; this is especially useful for holistic economic revival in Europe amid a post-COVID era.

With this association, Soitron will combine its reach and network across their customers, existing and new, with Integration Wizards’ IRIS Computer Vision technology in industrial automation and Health and Safety. Under the arrangement, Soitron will utilize IRIS to provide end to end computer vision and AI solutions to its existing base of customers becoming an enabler of broader economic recovery.

“We are pleased to partner with Soitron who are a leading SI company to strengthen our presence across Europe particularly in the UK, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey. Together Integration Wizards and Soitron will be able to navigate complexities and find opportune solutions for large and mid size enterprise customers. We aim to reduce operational costs and leverage real-time tracking, AI and make the workplaces safer post the COVID19 slowdown. We help businesses revive their manufacturing and retail arms through our tech interventions and services. ” says Jim Shields, CEO, Integration Wizards Solutions Europe.