4 October 2019

Outsourcing Expo & Summit

This week, Robert, Kayleigh & Asghar attended the London outsourcing Expo & Summit as an opportunity to see clients and make sure Soitron are continuing to be ahead of the curve in all things digitally disruptive.


Listening in on talks, it was an insightful day with many firms proving they are catching on to the realities of living in a digital era.


From a global perspective, UK firms are following the IT centric trends of countries such as China, though more budget needs to be allocated to allow them to thrive against its corporate competitors. With events such as this, the focus is therefore on how both growth and sustainability can be achieved in nearshore outsourcing. Reinforcing the similarities in cultures, time zones and the increased demand for flexible working, the outsourcing market has become alive with firms both small and large and previously strongly traditional, coming around to the true benefits of nearshoring.


One of the talks was led by Tom Wake and Luke Pratsides of NHSX, a new division within the NHS focusing on its digital development. Online booking and a triage doctor online is only the start of what’s been and will be launched. AI is being explored in a multitude of channels. From heart monitor sensors which send signals to a doctor to alert them when a patient’s heart rate drops or increases to an alarming rate, to AI tapping into a person’s everyday routine and alerting a healthcare professional when that routine is disrupted, potentially signifying a problem which needs to be followed up. Huge investments are being made in RPA and AI to ultimately, in the long term, save lives and save the NHS millions of pounds.


Outsourcing enables cost-effective ways of researching, testing and developing new ideas. It was great to see many smaller firms realising its true value as the market had previously been dominated by large corporate giants. Though we love working with both, the next big invention could come from anyone and we’re very excited to be part of this motion!