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PlateSpin Migrate

PlateSpin® Migrate is a powerful multiplatform server portability solution that automates the process of moving servers over the network between physical systems, virtual hosts, and the cloud.

PlateSpin® Migrate remotely decouples servers from the underlying platform and streams them to and from physical or virtual hosts and the cloud—all from a single point of control.

Why Use PlateSpin Migrate?

PlateSpin Migrate is designed to minimise:

Downtime – Incremental replication keeps cutover times to a minimum
Risk – Test target systems as often as you wish prior to cutover
Effort – High levels of automation significantly reduce manual effort
Time – Migrate multiple workloads simultaneously quickly and reliably
Complexity – One tool for any migration: Windows and Linux, anywhere to anywhere

PlateSpin Migrate Pricing

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Key features

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Server Migration Automatically configure any server to operate on a new target environment including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware vSphere, ESX and ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as multiple operating systems and hardware configurations).

Server Sync Reduce the risks and downtime associated with server migration. Server Sync enables unlimited live testing of your server migrations with minimal disruption to production systems at cutover.

Block-level and File-Based Replication Move highly transactional servers while preserving integrity with block-level replication and Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) for Windows servers or Logical Volume Manager (LVM) snapshots for Linux servers.

Workload Migration

A workload (the operating system, applications, data and configuration) resides on a physical server or virtual machine and is portable between physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

Workload Migration means moving a:

Physical server workload to: Virtual / Physical / Cloud

Virtual server workload to: Physical / Virtual / Cloud

Cloud server workload to: Physical / Virtual

Please note that Workload Migration IS NOT: Operating System Upgrades (Windows 2003 to Windows 2012 / 32-bit to 64-bit upgrades) / Application Upgrades or Migrations / Unix to Linux Migrations / Mainframe Migrations / Hypervisor / SAN Migrations.

PlateSpin Migrate – use cases


Upgrading to new server models
Switching to new server vendor


VMware upgrades
Changing virtualization platforms (typically VMware to Hyper-V)


Converting physical servers to virtual machines
Combining multiple workloads on a single virtual host


Moving workloads to a public cloud environment
Moving workloads to a managed service provider (private/hybrid cloud)

Cloud and Data Center Migration
with PlateSpin Migrate & Soitron UK

We not only know how to design, transform and operate your datacenter, but we are highly experienced in datacenter migrations.

Businesses today are looking for more efficient ways to manage their infrastructure, systems and applications. This often results in moving a large number of servers from one platform or data center to another.

Typical examples are: the migration of physical servers onto a virtual platform, the migration of virtual machines from one virtual platform to another, traditional data center consolidations or the migration of on-premise servers into a managed or public cloud (like Microsoft Azure / Amazon Web Services).

Read the success story below and find out how US Signal, american provider of networking, cloud computing and managed services, decreased migration windows by 50%, thanks to PlateSpin.

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