Staff augmentation

No longer does the staffing process mean offshoring to remote countries where the only criteria is the lowest possible cost.

The staffing as a service enables you to benefit from nearshoring, a mixed model of onsite and offsite or simply an onsite service.  This does not involve using external recruiters, therefore saving your business money and utilizing quality people.


With NEARSHORING, specifically to the Central and Eastern European region, you are provided with the vast and growing pool of human talent services that have three highly-favourable characteristics: YOUTH, a dedicated approach to EDUCATION and a strong culture of QUALITY TRAINING.

Soitron established nearshore delivery centres and operations throughout the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

Our locations together with our geographical proximity, multilingual capabilities, cultural affinity, IT staffing model, and short travelling times enable our clients access to a wealth of talented, qualified and experienced resource and services to optimise IT budgets and lower project costs.


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With a good technical staffing strategy you can:

Keep people management and IT COSTS DOWN.

Enable management to BETTER PLAN AND INNOVATE across the business.

REMOVE THE CONSTANT BURDEN on precious IT resources.

Introduce NEW SKILLS to the business.

The Benefits

Reduced operational
and recruitment costs

IT staff which can be increased and decreased as required

Tasks can be completed faster and to a higher standard

Outsourced staff can give organisations more time to strengthen their core business processes

Augmented professionals have the technical expertise required to
provide an outstanding service

A staff augmentation partner will share the risk and provide the risk analysis required to help better forecast

the right supplier

Soitron, as the right staffing as a service supplier, will not only provide flexibility in contract, but also the opportunity to up-skill staff and share knowledge across teams.

What’s the difference between staffing as a service vs managed services?

We also offer the ability to transition from a staffing as a service model
to a complete managed service, looking after your IT assets, procurement
and logistics related to PCs, servers, routers and switches.

See our managed services portfolio.

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